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Product info:

  • Includes: blank doll head, certificate and box. // *Eyes, wigs, and body are not included.
  • Head size: 1/3 (21,5cm circumference), for 62~70cm bodies (10~11cm neck)
  • Eye size: 14mm
  • Colors: white / brown / normal

This doll was released for the first time in December 2015


  • No cancellations for full or partially paid orders.
  • Item colour may be different due to monitor settings and production date.
  • Since this is a handmade doll, it is not perfect or symmetrical. Slightly visible sanding marks from removing seam lines or tiny black dots in the resin are possible, these are not considered as defects.


*Brown & normal skin


Body references

IMPORTANT: These pictures are only a few samples to show the doll head proportions with different bodies. Colors might not be accurate (some of the bodies might be yellowed, and the heads can be from different batches and have different colors). We don’t sell doll bodies.

Additional information

Weight 400 g

normal, white

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