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There is no date yet for future preorders for this doll

1st Preorder starts August 12th – PREORDER is CLOSED, thanks!

Orders will be shipped in 3 months approximately (November).

*Please understand that there are not pictures from the resin version. All the pictures are from the original sculpture. This is a preorder and the resin dolls will be made by request.

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Item info:

  • Includes: blank doll head, certificate and box.
  • Head size: 1/3 (22cm circumference; for bodies with 10~11cm neck aprox.)
  • Eye size: 12mm

I call him “the sad elf”, because his heart is broken. He had to chose duty over love and he can’t forgive himself.

These are preview pictures of the handmade original sculpt.

Body sample

(This picture is for proportions reference only. We don’t sell doll bodies for our 1/3 heads)

This picture shows the original clay head and the color is not accurate. Resin version might be slightly smaller.


(IOS 70 body is 65cm with 10.5~11cm neck, aprox.)

Resin colors:

normal & yellow-normal

Normal (Fdoll pale-normal) is similar to DZ pink but a bit paler; yellow-normal (Fdoll-normal) is similar to Volks and IOS. Both colors can match Luts resin depending on the batch/year. Also LittleRebel colors can change slightly depending on the batch (LR normal resin before 2015 was more yellow than the current normal)

*brown skin won’t be available because my casting company told me recently that they don’t have the color sample.


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Additional information

Weight 400 g

normal, yellow-normal