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Aleksander head, normal skin & yellow-normal (make-up not available).

Limited units in-stock

*Paid orders can be shipped within 15 days.

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Item info:

  • Includes: blank doll head, certificate and box.
  • Head size: 1/3 (22cm circumference), for 65~70cm bodies (with 10~11cm neck aprox.)
  • Eye size: 12mm~14mm
  • Optional Makeup: not available

*Eyes, wigs, and body are not included!



1 months for items in stock (you can select layaway option during the checkout)
  • 1st payment within 24h. after receiving the invoice.
  • 2nd payment within 30 days


  • No cancellations for full or partially paid orders.
  • Item colour may be different due to monitor settings and production date.
  • Since this is a handmade doll, it is not perfect or symmetrical. Visible sanding marks from removing seam lines or tiny black dots in the resin are possible, these are not considered as defects.

Default make-up option

*make-up doesn’t include the fake eyelashes.



Body references

IMPORTANT: These pictures are only a few samples to see the doll head proportions with different bodies. Colors might not be accurate (some of the bodies are yellowed, and the heads are from different batches and have different colors). We don’t sell doll bodies.

IMPORTANTE: Estas fotos son sólo algunos ejemplos para ver la proporción de la cabeza con diferentes cuerpos. Los colores podrían no ser exactos (algunos de los cuerpos han amarilleado, y las cabezas son de diferentes fechas y pueden tener diferentes tonos). Nosotros no vendemos cuerpos.


Measurements of the bodies from the pictures: Dollfactory Senior-Ari (11cm neck, 65cm tall, 14.5 shoulders); Feeplee65 (11cm neck, 65cm tall, 15cm shoulders); Popodoll68 (11cm neck, 68cm tall, 15cm shoulders)







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Weight 400 g

normal, yellow-normal