Poll for next release

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Hello my friends, I need a bit of your help to decide for next releases.

I had plans to release Sarang in December but due personal circumstances I prefer to not open any preorder in December and sell the dolls later in-stock, in January or February, so I need to order them now to the factory but I’m not sure which colors should I order or if there are enough people interested in a certain sculpt.

If you are interested in a new release of a LittleRebel doll, tell me which one and the color you would like (in the comments).

Dolls that I could release:

  • Sarang
  • Kamu
  • Kaylar
  • others?

Colors available:

  • Normal
  • Yellow-normal
  • Tan skin
  • White

I will decide based on this, so please only vote if you are really interested in purchasing the doll in the future, Thanks!

(the comment might take a while to appear, so don’t worry)

19 Responses

  1. Noémie-Fleur

    Dear Carmen,

    I’ve missed the Kamu sale, so I would be really interested into a Kamu in tan skin !
    Also, I’d love an Aleksander in tan too (even if I already have this model in WS)

    Thanks a lot,

  2. Anna

    It would be a dream if you released Hachi again :D In normal, yellow normal or tan skin :)

  3. Elisa

    André in any color! Thank you

  4. London Shine

    I need Kamu and Kai! And perhaps a release that isn’t the first week of the month because that’s why I missed the order, rent was due, lol.

  5. lomowu

    Kamu and Kaylar in White skin!!!!:))

  6. evelyn_janssen

    I really would love to see a Kai :)
    Normal, white or tan skin ^^

  7. chiao

    Kaylar in Tan skin! :)

  8. Marisa

    Jelle in tan!!!! 😭😭😭

  9. Tina G.

    I love kai!!! In normal skin.

  10. Christina

    Kai in tan! I’m a bit relieved you’re thinking of selling them early next year, because I don’t think I could have made it for a December preorder lol. Also I hope you are doing better!

  11. Leeloo

    Kaylar, in normal skin, gets my vote!

  12. LittleRebel

    Thanks for all the comments. I’m taking note of everything!
    surprisingly no one asked for Sarang which was the one I planned to release… so I think Sarang release will be delayed.

    Sadly some releases of discontinued dolls like Hachi is not possible. Those original sculpts are old and damaged, and also my style has changed a lot since then and I don’t wish to re-release my previous works. That also makes those dolls more special and limited. And all my dolls are limited at some point and will be discontinued.

    I’m quite surprised (and happy) that some people asked me for Kai! I made very few of them and I though he wasn’t popular and that no one wanted him, and I was a bit sad about it because I really liked that sculpt, haha.
    I will release him again but it is not possible for January/February because I have the original doll at home, and I have to send it to the factory so I will wait to send him along with a new project as soon as I finish it ^^

  13. Serraphym

    NS Jelle!

  14. Nana

    Dear Carmen,
    I just noticed your post so sorry I’m writing late.
    Of course I want Sarang! Pleeeease!
    In normal skin (or normal yellow – you know better which is a better match for IOS 70cm new normal resin).

  15. Kiana

    A little late I am. Gosh they’re all so beautiful, but having Kai in tan skin would be a dream!

  16. Stephanie

    Oooh, I just saw this today but I’d love to see another Kaylar release in white, normal or tan. He’s such a beautiful elf and that mouth slays me every time I see it.

    I’d also like to see a release for Kai, Andre, Sarang and Kamu again in the future because they’re all so amazing. Hopefully you give us a notice way in advance because it would be super hard for me to choose between them. :)

  17. sterne

    Jelle in any skin ^^

  18. KiwiNinamori

    I’m super late as well but Kai and Kamu in tan skin !

  19. Emily

    I’m super late, but I’d love to see Kaylar or Sarang in white skin or tan skin!