about Kaylar

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Hi my dear customers and friends,

I want to give you a bit more info about Kaylar since I know it was unusual that I opened a preorder without photos of the resin version of the doll (this is the first time), and I’m very grateful that people joined the preorder anyway.

I received the dolls a month sooner than expected and I took the decisions to start shipping the orders sooner too (even before to be able to show official pictures of the resin version). Many of you were as excited and impatient as me to have him in resin so I think it was fair to send them as soon as possible to their new homes.

I started shipping orders which were paid in full, and next week -if it is possible- I will send the rest of the orders because I need more shipping boxes ^^;; (since I also had to ship Jelle orders and October orders which were the ones planned for this month) but I still will be able to ship Kaylar orders a month sooner than scheduled so I’m quite happy and I hope that you too ^_^

In the meanwhile I can show you a picture of my Kaylar (the one I painted for me), and when I have some time I’m going to paint another head with a more natural and softer faceup, and take photos where you can see better his cute elf ears.



And I don’t forget about all the people who missed Kaylar preorder. I have plans to open a new preorder for him early next year. I know that this one was closed very quick and I accepted very few orders (only 17), since I hadn’t got the resin prototype I didn’t wanted to accept too many orders that first time.