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I’ve noticed that the currency exchange between Euro and US dollars has increased a lot in the last months, so I’ve decided to offer Jelle for a discounted price during the special sale period (September 16th to 24th). I wish to give the opportunity to get her/him to all people who has been waiting more than a year for this re-release.

Remember that Jelle heads are in-stock and the quantity is limited. 1 month layaway is available (although I would prefer to send all orders as soon as possible because I don’t know if next month I will have a surgery or not).

If you are interested to purchase Tenten, Aleksander or André together with your Jelle order, let me know. I have a few in stock as well.

I plan to discontinue most of my dolls heads this year so don’t miss the chance.



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  1. Anna

    I hope you’ll have a surgery and everything will be fine.
    And I hope it will be possible to purchase Sarang, that’s my biggest dream.
    I admire you so much, you’re my favourite European BJD artist.
    Best regards.

    • LittleRebel

      Thank you so much Anna, you are very sweet! <333
      I cross my fingers so the doctors call me soon for the surgery (the sooner I can get the surgery the sooner that I will be able to recover, haha).
      And for Sarang, it is in my plans to open a preorder for him sometime this year. Do you want him in normal skin? or in a different color?
      I can give a date for the preorder yet until I can know which month I will have "free", but at very late I will open the preorder in December (or sooner if I can).

      • Anna

        I wish you good health and much happiness. I keep my fingers crossed for you.
        As for Sarang I’d like him in normal skin. I plan to put the head on IOS 70cm new normal skin.