New head: Kaylar

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Kaylar’s heart is broken because he had to chose duty over love, and he could never forgive himself…

He looks serious on the outside and sad inside, and he is younger than he seems.

Finally I can show you some pictures of Kaylar finished! I’m going to send him to the casting company tomorrow, and as soon as I know that he arrived safe, I will announce the preorder date for him.

I’m thinking about the possibility to open a preorder by email in August, this way I could let people chose more options of resin color (normal, and maybe brown and white), and see If I get enough orders for these colors (if not you will have the possibility to request a different color or cancel your order. I won’t take any payments until I close the preorder and I can know the total number of orders for each color).


Kaylar head is 1/3 size (SD). He has similar proportions than Aleksander and also fit bodies with 10~11cm necks.


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  1. Emily

    He is absolutely beautiful! Being able to get him in white would be amazing as well!