Momo, the little gremlin

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This is the thing what has kept me busy for the past months. The truth is that I started it in July of 2013 but I have remade it several times. I was undeceived about what I wanted to do, because as always, I do not sketch or use references… I simply sculpt and undo and I re-sculpt again, until I like what I’ve done, and that gave me some troubles about the proportions and I had to remake some pieces again in the last weeks. I wanted to be sure that the poses were natural and that the body was beautiful too at the same time, so I’ve made at least 3 different arms and legs, and 5 different kind of joints… I have a box full of unused pieces UxD

And finally Momo is finished and I will send it today to the casting company, and they will make a prototype in resin for me. I have no idea when I will have the prototype so I can’t say either when I could release the doll… I wish I could have it for the Ldoll in October.

About the size of the doll, I’m not sure either because with the casting it will shrink a bit. I think it is 19cm tall. I can only compare it with my Irrealdoll Enyo, and Momo is bigger in height and width.

*Sorry, I had to take the photos without the hands and feet because I can’t attach them.