• September: shipping André orders
  • September 16th~24th 16.00h: Special Jelle re-release (ns)


1 month / *2 months (for preorders only) Installments: 1st within 48h. / 2nd within 30 days / 3rd* within 60 days


We accept Paypal (in Euros or US dollars). Bank wire payments & friend payments have a 4% discount.


Special price!
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I’ve noticed that the currency exchange between Euro and US dollars has increased a lot in the last months, so I’ve decided to offer Jelle for a discounted price during the special sale... Read More

Jelle – September 16th~24th

Special re-release of Jelle head (normal skin) for a limited period of time: from September 16th to 24th   Paid orders can be shipped within 15 days. 1 month layaway available. Read More

Epic Dollfair 2017

Due personal circumstances I can’t assist to doll events (by now) but I’m so happy to announce that some of my dolls are going to be available at the Epic Dollfair in Houten,... Read More

Kaylar 1st preorder

Kaylar 1st Preorder starts August 12th (at 11:00 a.m  CEST time) Limited units Kaylar head is 1/3 size for 65cm bodies aprox. All the pictures are from the original sculpture. This is a... Read More