• November 5th – Kamu 1st release (16.00h CET)


1 month / *2 months (for preorders only) Installments: 1st within 48h. / 2nd within 30 days / 3rd* within 60 days


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Poll for next release
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Hello my friends, I need a bit of your help to decide for next releases. I had plans to release Sarang in December but due personal circumstances I prefer to not open any... Read More

Kamu 1st release – 5th. Nov.

– Kamu 1st release- starts November 5th (16:00h Central Europe time) Kamu head is 1/3 size (SD) Price for the head is: 145€ (normal skin) / 150€ (tan skin) Dolls are in stock... Read More

about Kaylar

Hi my dear customers and friends, I want to give you a bit more info about Kaylar since I know it was unusual that I opened a preorder without photos of the resin... Read More